Medical Waste

Blue Planet with BWD

Communities across the world are gearing up for the upcoming International Coastal Cleanup, scheduled for September 21, 2019. Launched more than three decades ago, the effort brings together volunteers across dozens of countries to pick up trash from local beaches and harbors. Last year, students in Boston picked up bits of plastic, water bottle caps, and

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Medical Waster Disposal

Improperly discarded needles are the latest byproduct of the opioid epidemic ravaging the country. In places like Boston, Philadelphia and Seattle communities are left to deal with strewn sharps, which can carry infectious diseases, like HIV and hepatitis. Last year, two Starbucks employees in Oregon were pricked with needles while cleaning the store, prompting an

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Pharmaceutical Waste

Last month, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published a new rule concerning the handling, storage, transportation and disposal of hazardous waste pharmaceuticals. The rule will go into effect in summer 2019. The new rule is expected to reduce the amount of pharmaceutical waste entering the nation’s waterways, resulting in safer drinking and surface water. The

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