Dental Waste

Can a Simple Toothbrush Pose an Environmental Threat?

Most people don’t associate a toothbrush with pollution. It is, after all, an instrument for cleaning—keeping teeth healthy and white, day in and day out.

But, as it turns out, toothbrushes are part of the plastics disaster poisoning the environment. According to a recent article in National Geographic, most Americans use 300 toothbrushes in their lifetime. If all the toothbrushes tossed in the U.S. in one year were placed end to end, they would go around the Earth four times.

Most toothbrushes can’t be recycled because it’s difficult to take apart the plastics they’re made of. As a result, the brushes end up in landfills and oceans and the problem continues to grow year after year.

Consumers now have some alternatives, such as bamboo brushes and those with reusable handles. Changing habits will take time though, “but any option that reduces the total amount of material used and packaging is a step in the right direction,” the National Geographic concludes.

At Biomedical Waste Disposal, we are committed to disposing of waste—including dental waste—in a safe and responsible way. And while we can’t take care of those toothbrushes, we share the concern about our environment, and we offer a number of services to help dental practices safely eliminate everything from amalgam waste to sharps and X-ray waste.

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