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Biomedical Waste Disposal works closely with dentists to provide cost-effective waste management solutions. In addition to a broad range of dental waste, we collect and recycle dental amalgam waste to help prevent the release of mercury into the environment. With flexible pick-up hours and a 24-hour customer service center, you can rest assured that Biomedical Waste Disposal will get the job done well.

Dental waste items include:

  • Amalgam waste
  • X-ray waste
  • Solid waste containing pathogens that can cause infectious disease
  • Fluids containing infectious agents
  • Blood
  • Human tissue
  • Sharps and red bags
  • Broken pipettes
  • Other items capable of cutting, piercing, or puncturing the skin
  • Vacuum pump filters
  • Chair side traps
  • Lead foil or lead shields
  • Expired medications
  • Vapo-Steril solutions
  • Cold sterilizing solutions