Blue Planet with BWD

Help Keep Our Oceans Clean

Communities across the world are gearing up for the upcoming International Coastal Cleanup, scheduled for September 21, 2019. Launched more than three decades ago, the effort brings together volunteers across dozens of countries to pick up trash from local beaches and harbors.

Last year, students in Boston picked up bits of plastic, water bottle caps, and syringes, according to The Christian Science Monitor. “It’s a growing awareness, but it’s only in its middle stages,” student Collin Oliver told the Monitor. “We live here, so if we go to a beach right where we live, we can make a difference – and it hits a lot closer to home.”

Rising awareness about ocean pollution and efforts by local communities to help undo the damage are important. But also key is the proper disposal of waste that is harmful to our environment.

At Biomedical Waste Disposal, we are committed to disposing of waste—including sharps, dental waste, biohazardous waste, and pharmaceutical waste—in a safe and responsible way. We share the concern about waste pollution, and we offer a number of solutions to help preserve our environment. To learn more, visit us at, or contact our 24-hour customer service center at (877) 644-2424.